July 15th, 2005

Cream substitute

I've worked out cheese substitutes for recipes I use in my vegetarian cookbooks, but I'm not quite so sure about cream... In soups I've used silken tofu blended with a bit of vegan margarine, but I'm not so sure that would be as effective in other recipes.

Anyone know of any good cream substitutes? (I'd check the memories, but they're down at the moment - again!)


I'd like to treat my mother to a meal this weekend. I'm looking to make a few dishes that she prepared wonderfully as I was growing up, which means veganization is in order!

I checked the memories and could've missed it, but:

a) I'm looking for a recipe for shortcake, and

b) I'm not sure of the difference between shortcake and shortbread.

she often makes strawberry shortcake or just serves her awesome poundcake with strawberries, and this is what I'd like to serve for dessert (or whenever, since I'm hoping it'll be amazing and gone within a short while).

from what I understand, traditional shortcake/bread consists of sugar, flour, and butter. however, that's all I've got so far. I wanna make my mom proud- help!
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soy yogurt tip.

i just made another batch of soy yogurt using a bit of the previous batch and i've now seen a bit of a pattern with regards to what brand of soymilk i use. every time i've used 'so nice', i have gotten a nice, custardy yogurt that has little to no whey. when i've used other brands (so far, i've used 'natura' and 'vitasoy'), i've found that i get a thinner yogurt and with quite a bit of the liquidy whey. i'm now convinced that using 'so nice' is the way to go for me. i just pop it in the oven (not turned on) by the oven light and leave it there for about 10 or so hours, then pop it in the fridge for 2-3 days to sour up.

Question about strawberries

My mother-in-law gave me four big ice cream containers filled with fresh strawberries. My mother told me that I should clean them, remove the stem and freeze them individually on a cookie sheet before bagging them. Is it really necessary to freeze them individually or can I just dry them off and put them into the freezer bags?

Also, does anyone have a simple recipe for strawberry freezer jam?

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Hi guys!

My (totally vegan!) wedding reception is next weekend. We've gotten a smallish cake from Chicago Diner but my mom, my best friend, my grandman, and myself are going to be baking some additional vegan goodies for the party. I know I'm going to make PB rice crispy treats... and then I'm stumped. Ideally, we'd like them to be in bar form, since those are easy to eat and people like trying a lot of little different treats.

Anyone have a great, tried and true vegan bar recipe?
If I must, I'll resort to the typical brownies (which I still haven't gotten to my liking yet... I've tried four different recipes and they are never gooey enough!). I have Sinfully Vegan cookbook as well... if anyone really loves a recipe in there, I'll take your word and give it a try. :) I just really want to have these be gooooood. You know how folks judge vegan food. :/

You guys rule.


Semi-dried tomatoes?

I remember seeing a recipie somewhere for how to make your own semi-dried (Sunblush) tomatoes at home. I think it involved putting them in the oven on a low heat for a while. Any good methods out there? And tips on seasoning and bottling them?


last-minute stir-fry

after finding out that the boy would be late coming home, I decided to throw together a stir-fry. our kitchen is nearly empty right now (and I'd just cleaned out the pantry itself- a long overdue task, which means it's looking especially lonely), so I'd consider this a cheap and easy meal, too.

-black sesame seeds
-chinese five spice
-sesame oil
-veggies (baby corn, carrots, peas, water chestnuts, broccoli, et cetera; my selection was more limited than that, but I'm sure you're a bit luckier- add your favorite stir-fry vegetables/tofu/tvp)
-brown rice
*I didn't use exact measurements. add in moderation or go all out, whichever you prefer.

in an ungreased pan, toast the sesame seeds for about a minute, shaking the pan a bit.

cook the rice so it'll be ready around the same time the veggies are.

add the oil and begin to stir/fry the veggies. you can add the spices here or afterwards- I generally add them while cooking and to taste (who keeps their fingers out of dishes?!).

throw it all together and eat! add soy sauce if you'd like.

I had never had black sesame seeds and only discovered them in the pantry the other day, but I love sesame anything, and this only accentuates the flavor (and scent!) that the sesame oil alone gives the stir-fry.