July 18th, 2005


Zucchini Bread for Machine?

I have zucchini/summer squash that must be used up -- but it's waaaay too hot 'n' humid to fire up the oven right now without driving us all out of our un-airconditioned house. I thought the bread machine might not be too bad though (I could even put it in the basement). Has anyone had any luck baking quick breads in their bread machines? (I've only had experience with yeasted bread machine bread.) Zucchini bread recipes in particular would be a real plus! Thanks!

Tofu Loaf?

Has anyone had any luck with tofu loaf? I keep seeing recipes in my tofu books for them, and am curious, but I'm afraid the tofu taste/texture will be unpleasant when baked in a loaf?
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just thought i would share:
silk has alot of vegan-by-chance recipes here. some of them sound really delicious! also mixed in are some easily veganized things.

getting hungry but not eating because i am about to go to the orthodontist,