July 20th, 2005

Pita Bread

My fingers HURT from kneading the dough for pita bread. Oh my, homemade bread is such a task. Does anyone know if it'd be okay to cook the pita in the broiler for the 5 or 8 minutes that it takes to bake? I know that you need very very hot temperatures and I'm thinking that the brioler would be better than baking at 500 F. Any help is appreciated! I don't want my pita bread to explode or anything. :-D
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Nutritional Yeast: Product Longevity

I bought a bag of nutritional yeast months ago and it's used by date is Sepetember 2005. I've opened the bag once (it's a resealable zip lock bag), but beyond that, I've never used it. Is it okay to use now, or should I toss it and pay $15 (Australian) for a new bag?

Cheers for reading. :)

Portable food

I'm going away this weekend with my family for about 3-4 days at my Uncle's house. These people, never have much of anything to eat, and what little they do have, I doubt would be vegan. So I'm going to be bringing some food down with me.

Any suggestions?

I think I'm going to bring some veggies, soymilk (the kind that doesn't need to be cold until you open it), ramen, peanut butter, jam, bread, applesauce, vitamin water, and rice pilaf. Maybe pasta, but probably not, as it's summer and I don't really like big hearty meals at this time of the year.

So yeah, if you can think of anything, that'd be great. It's just going to all be put in the car for a 4 hour ride, so anything that needs refrigerating would be out of the picture. (Yeah, I could put it on some sort of ice pack thing? But it's so hot that I doubt that would work.)

Chocolate cake.

My parents expect me to cook for my half birthday, and I want to make something chocolatey for desert. There are several things I could get pre-made, but I'd really like to bake a cake.

Does anyone know how I can do this, sans eggs?

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I'm hoping this will be found relevent.

Does anyone know of a vegan culinary school? An actual school where you would get a degree/certification, not one of the weekly programs.

I've asked everyone I know with cooking connections but it's been unsuccesful so far.
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Recommend me a rice cooker...

I am shopping for a new rice cooker. The one I have never gets used. It is sort of the crock pot variety. I want the kind that pressurizes.

I thought I would get the Hello Kitty one, but that only makes a tiny amount of rice. I need one that makes enough rice for dinner (two adults and one small child) and leftovers for lunch the next day. Anyone have a cooker they want to recommend? I mostly want it for brown rice, if that makes a difference.

I would buy one in Chinatown, but I am so worried. Some of the one's I have looked at were over $100 and didn't come with English instructions! Yikes...