July 21st, 2005

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Hi im 15 and going vegan.i have a little brother thats 5 and is starting school soon.hes really funny and asked me all kinds of ? about what im cooking.hes a good kid when it comes to trying things.i cook dinner all the time its just me , my mom, my 2 year old sister, and 5 year old brother.i make vegan snacks for my little siblings but there not into the main courses yet.ha go figure!but i want some good ideas u vegan moms put in ur childrens lunch boxes so i can get up and make my little brothers lunch in the morning.it has to be something healthy and a 5 year old would eat.i have a couple ideas but i just want to here from others.so if u dont mind lending me a hand with this.^_^ *thanxs*
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relocating to meatland

hey everyone! i've been living in richmond, va for the last three years, which has been nice because the place is so vegetarian/vegan-friendly (i'm vegetarian, only about 75% vegan), but after i graduate college i'll be moving back in with my folks for a while in southern maryland, great mills to be exact. it's a tiny little outpost in the middle of nowhere, and to my knowledge there simply aren't very many vegetarians around here. EVERYONE eats meat, and there's no place i've seen that really caters to those that don't. even the supermarkets here are lacking. there's no such thing as veggie bullion cubes in the supermarkets here, and if they offer veggie burgers (which alot of them don't), it's only one brand. do any of you happen to know of any health food stores here that would stock tempeh, seitan, or other vegan protein sources? i'd prefer to not order food items online, and i'd be willing to drive as far as waldorf for groceries. or restaurants that would have entrees i can eat? any suggestions would be helpful. thanks!
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Red sorghum -- any suggestions?

A few weeks ago I bought a bag of whole red sorghum grains, AKA milo or jowar, at an Asian market. I was wondering if anyone had a tried and true recipe for red sorghum -- it seems that in this country it's usually used to make molasses, ground into flour, or used as fodder for cattle, and I haven't found many exciting recipes for the whole grain version.

I mean, if I can't find anything, I'll just experiment with it or use it in place of some other grain, but I was hoping that one of you out there had some great sorghum-based Indian or African recipe I could try.  :D
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"milk"shake tips?

i was trying to make a "milk" shake out of soy delicious ice cream and just a bit of soymilk--and well, the consistency never got quite right. i used my vita-mix blender and it got too watery and there were still lumps--so i had to blend it even more and then it got even thinner--i had to keep adding more "ice cream" -- i finally got rid of all the lumps--but i had to throw it in the freezer (or fridge) to let it firm up. no instant gratification there. what, do i need a real milkshake blender to make it perfect??? anyone got any tips?

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Tofutti Sour Cream

A while ago I made a carrot cake and needed Tofutti cream cheese for the icing. My mom accidentally bought me sour cream the first time around, so now I have a container of it sitting around. I used it for baked potatoes last night, and I guess I'll use it on tacos, but is there an actual recipe that uses sour cream? Something other than a topping or dip.

update on emes kosher gelatin?

has anyone heard anything else about the allegations that emes kosher gelatin contains at least some actual animal-derrived gelatin? this story "broke" nearly 2 months ago online and i've been waiting to hear what the outcome was going to be. apparently the company claims the allegations are false and the "independant" testers claim that it is not as vegan as we've all been led to believe, to do the way it reacts to bromelain and it's high protein content.

i have never actually used the stuff but have three packs of it sitting in my pantry, and i can't decide if i should just give 'em away or keep waiting until there's some kind of resolution.

plus, there's this AWESOME dessert i want to make that requires gelatin and it sure would be nice to do that soon.
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Macaroni and "Cheese"

I made this mac + "cheese" from the memories, and it is SO good. It tastes like it was made with cheddar! (or what I remember cheddar to taste like, anyway.)

I added 2 small green peppers from the garden, chopped, and about 1/3 cup of chives from the garden, chopped. Those probably added to the cheddar-y-ness. (I added them once the water and other ingredients were blended, so they cooked in the sauce)

Oh, and I used olive oil, 1/3 cup soy garden, soy powder instead of flour (which made it a little "grainy" like real melted cheddar), and a pinch of curry powder since I couldn't find any straight turmeric in the cabinet. Oh, and corn meal, 'since all the bread crumbs in the house have "natural flavors". Ew. I almost forgot, I also added 2 tablespoons cornstarch dissolved in a bit of hot water, because the soy powder wasn't thickening the sauce well enough. And I baked it for about 23-24 minutes, because I was on the phone and missed the timer ding, hehe. It was absolutely fine, though.

I'm sure the oil could be left out or at least reduced, also, it's greasier than I'm used to. (Though all the grease gives it an "authentic" feel, too.)

This made about 4 servings, or 6-8 if using it as a side dish.

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Emergency aide requested with the flax oil! :P

I decided to make this pinto bean salad tonight. Except, I was out of olive oil, so I decided to crack open the flax oil I was trying in the fridge.

BIG mistake. I can barely stomach the smell of the flax oil, let alone the taste. I added more salt, lemon juice, and lime juice, but it still needs help. Is there anything I can do to save this salad, and get rid/cover up that smell/taste. I'm using Spectrum vegan flax oil, but it smells like raw fish to me, and I can't stand that smell.

Please help!

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does anyone have any idea what i might be able to use as 'chicken' in chicken cordon bleu? i think i could get the ham and stuff, but the chicken part is tricky....or something to use in a similar recipe like something that is 'chicken' rolled up with goodness... i just checked out a recipe book from the library that had some chicken recipes in like that, but i cannot figure out how to make that vegan as i have used gardenburger chick'n patties as substitute before, but that is it and i don't think that would work well. thanks a bunch!
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Homemade tofurky-like recipes?

I'd really like to a find a recipe for homemade vegan "meat" that tastes close to tofurky. The store bought stuff is pretty salty and quite processed. Ideally, I want a recipe that uses mostly whole grains and maybe a little bit of gluten or something similar for texture. My cat is totally addicted to tofurky deli slices. I only give him it once in a while because I know it's not exactly good for him. He'd greatly appreciate my coming up with a tasty, tofurky-like treat that he could get more often. :)