July 24th, 2005


orange tofu

ok, i have yet another question:

i get orange tofu almost every time i go to a chinese rest. how can i make that same sauce at home? there is an orange sauce in a bottle at my local grocery store, but it tastes really weird. does anyone know how to make this sauce?
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This is pretty far in advance, but a recent post in daily_granola about the wonders of pumpkin pie brought to mind my particular favorite recipe here, which I love because it's delicious and idiot-proof. I'm having a coworker over for Thanksgiving, and I really want to make it a dinner she'll enjoy, since she has no one to spend the holiday with. The problem is that almost every vegan pumkin pie recipe I see contains mass quantities of tofu; she says that dairy and soy don't agree with her. I'm going to check through the memories and at VegWeb some more, but does anyone happen to have a personal favorite soy-free, good-tasting pumpkin pie recipe that's hard to mess up?

Bulgur recipes?

I just finished looking through the memories, and there was only one bulgur recipe in there. I've never eaten it before, (just got some for the first time today), so I really don't know what to do with it. I would like to try it soon, though. Sooo, what are your favorite bulgur recipes?

"flavours" in the ingredients list

When a product lists "flavours" along with its ingredients, what does that usually mean? Do they mean artificial flavourings? Why don't they list what the flavours are? I have also seen "natural flavours" listed in food ingredients, but I think that's different.

So what are these "flavours"? Are they usually vegan?

Sorry if these are stupid questions... but I'm confused!
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My dog just followed me downstairs and climbed across me to steal the rest of my falafel sandwich. I'm guessing he liked it because it was spicy and salty...it was almost too salty, in fact. The sodium content was something like 25% of what you should eat in a day for just two patties, and you could definitely taste it. Apart from that, it was actually pretty yummy stuff, so could I try counteracting the saltiness with some extra spices?

I used the Near East mix because it happened to be a new product at my grocery store, and the only one of its kind. Are there any other boxed mixes available? I know the people who make the Nature's Burger mix have a falafel mix but I don't recall if it's the same company or what, and I don't know how it tastes. Or, better yet, is there a way to make my own just-add-water stuff to keep on hand? Grind some dried chickpeas and fava beans, throw in some spices?
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chocolate ginger cake with kreamcheeze frosting and chocolate ganache

i made this cake for my friend janine.  i made a double layer chocolate cake and added minced candied ginger and chocolate chips to the batter and subbed amaretto for the vanilla extract.

it's frosted with a kreamcheeze buttercream with more candied ginger mixed in and topped with chocolate ganache.  after i frosted the cake with the kreamcheeze frosting, i chilled it.  then i formed a collar with tin foil and placed it around the cake to make a form for the ganache.  i poured th ganache in, let in chill and then removed the tin foil.  no drips!  notice the layer of frosting under the ganache on top?

cake and ganache recipes

kreamcheeze frosting recipe

MmmM! So Good! ox kittee
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The other night, I ate at an Italian restaurant and had the most wonderful meal that I'd like to recreate at home. It was pasta in a sun-dried tomato garlic sauce, but I have no idea or recipes for that type of sauce. Does anyone have any recipes?