July 25th, 2005

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boca chik'n

so, apparently boca chik'n nuggets and patties (both regular and spicy, though the site hasn't updated the spicy one... but i went to the store today and there wasn't egg listed on the product) are supposedly vegan. i emailed them and they said it was. guess it's not if you don't eat sugar (i think there's sugar in it), but i don't care... anyway, what's the best "mayo" like product? vegenaise? i want something like a chicken sandwich that burger king has (but not the dead chicken), i crave that crap really badly.

peanut butter french toast

my girlfriend made me breakfast this morning. she made french toast and it was just about the most wonderful thing i've ever had.

i peeked over her shoulder while she was making it (not that she was being all secretive or anything) and thought i'd spread the wonderfulness of it so what you do is:

mix peanut butter with soymilk until it has the right consistency, basically it was a bit more runny than yogurt i think. then you mix in some vanilla and ciniman and nutmeg.

then you take bread (a bit more solid/substantial than wonderbread or other sandwich breads, as with all french toasts, is the way to go) and dip it in the mixture to saturate it. fry it in a pan with earth balance (or whatever margarine you're using)

serve with maple syrup. (we also had orange juice with it which was fab)

oh yeah and if making this, just be aware that it really fills you up so you don't need to make massive quantities of it or anything probably

then we were talking and for some reason bananas came up in conversation and we both agreed that it would be very good with bananas. so that's something to try.

bubble tea?

bubble tea is something I wonder lots about when eating at my favorite local chinese restaurant. the bubbles are apparently made of tapioca, and when I looked at the ingredients on the container (the owner recognizes me and knew I didn't eat certain things, although he wasn't sure what said things might be), they contained caramel.

I did try a flavor that didn't have the bubbles and was pretty tasty, but the bubbles are what make it look fun. mine was sort of like a

tapioca in general is something I don't know a whole lot about, except that the pudding seemed strange to me when I was very young and I'd never eat it. I think my father told me they were fish eggs, and it looked believable enough at five.

so, bubble tea for two (or just me)?
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What's your favorite "cheese" sauce?

First off - yes, I've checked the memories. I found a number of great looking recipies for "cheese" sauce. However, I'm wondering which one(s) is(are) your favorite(s)?

The other day I finally picked up some nutritional yeast and haven't done anything with it yet, so thought I'd try making a "cheese" sauce to serve over steamed veggies.

Any input will be appreciated.