July 26th, 2005

shot in the dark (choc.!)

I am desperately obsessed with making a veganized hazelnut chocolate torte, but all the recipes I find call for something like 5-8 eggs! (even yolks, YUCK)

I was wondering if ANYONE would happen to know of a goooood recipe for a chocolate hazelnut torte that's vegan? I guess if I can't actually go to Italy this summer I can at least fantasize with my own creations at home. Thanks so much!
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I need quick morning breakfast ideas.

I usually have fruit and grains, but its getting tiredsome and I qork a lot so I was wondering if any of you had a good filling breakfast recipe.....thats QUICK.

And some good recipes that i can freeze to kinda make homemade TV dinners with, since i work two jobs and hadly have time to cook except on Sunday mornings/early afternoon.


(no subject)

A friend of mine is going to a band camp type thing. The food is terrible, I've been there before and she's asked me to make her some food she can take along instead of junk food. Any suggestions of stuff that isn't that perishable? She's not vegan but loves my vegan cooking.

tofu + stuffing ?


I want to make some kind of baked tofu type thing, with stuffing in the middle. I've never made anything like that before, but i figure its like the kind of thing veg*ns would eat on special occasions (like X-mas and whatever) instead of roasted meat.

Does anyone have a recipe for this kind of thing?

Would there be any in the memories? ( i dunno which sections to check?)

Is it pretty easy to find vegan stuffing mix? or will i have to make my own?


fruit bars

I took a look through the memories but didn't see anything like this...maybe I'm just not looking in the right place.

Several years ago when I first went vegetarian, I checked out the Vegan Sourcbook from the library and tried a few of the recipes. There was an awesome fruit bar made with preserves and whole wheat flour. Does anyone have the recipe (or something similar)?

thanks :-)
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Sundried tomato tofu cream sandwich

Inspired by my friend's cafebluemonday, I decided to make my own version of her tofu and sundried tomato cream sandwich.

I put one pack of Mori-Nu firm tofu (340g/12 oz) in my blender.

Then I put 10-15 sundried tomatoes (the ones in oil) in there. (put as many as you like to taste)

Blend it up til creamy.


Sorry, I didn't take pictures. I ate it too fast. I just put it on some bread, sprinkled some basil and put some lettuce on it. I also had some pickles on the side. You could always add sprouts, grated carrots, cucumber, tomato....whatever you have around. Very quick and easy lunch.
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(no subject)

I like making chickpea salad sandwiches, but I've found that dried beans are cheaper than canned, and canned had just the right consistency for mashing, while retaining some texture. How do you suggest I prepare them so that they're the right texture--not too hard, but not too mushy?

zucchini/squash/mushroom baked goodness

i was looking for something quick and easy to make while i was working on some homework and i found an interesting recipe but altered it and came up with this:

1 med. zucchini cut up in chunks
1 med. squash cut up in chunks
a handful of sliced mushrooms
quarter of a med. onion chopped
some garlic
some spray oil
salt/pepper to taste
vegan grated parm. substitute

preheat oven to 400, cut up all the veggies, and lay them out on a large piece of foil. spray with some oil. add garlic, salt, and pepper and mix it up! fold up into a little pocket and put it in the oven for 15 minutes or until the veggies are tender how you like 'em. take it out, drain the excess water (or not) and add the grated parm.