July 28th, 2005

limey spicy orange juice chili

my mother has been making a lot of chili lately and since i just got a job that i dont get home from until dinner time I often eat the premade chili and so i found this to be a really easy meal to prepare ahead of time. this morning i made the chili that'll last the next few days and i thought i'd share with you a recipe i think is really quite sublime.

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this is a cyborg creation from 2 recipes in planet vegan.
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little me with rabbit


At my favorite local japanese restaurant, they serve a cold spinach dish called ohitashi. It's this declious spinach served in a ginger broth with some sort of sweet miso sauce. Because I'm going back to school in a couple of weeks, I wanted to figure out how to recreate this dish at home before the memory of it faded from my tastebuds. I found a recipe for ohitashi on google that called for tahini and sugar, but I used peanut butter and some apricots instead. It was super simple and delicious. This sauce would also be excellent over some eggplant or sea vegetables, or even tofu.

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Diabetic vegan sweets?

Hi. Please let me know if this is off-topic or if there are some relevant memories that I missed in my hunt. My granddad was just diagnosed with type II diabetes. He has made it to 92 and is relatively healthy otherwise, so having to cut down his sugar intake is bumming him out intensely. I want to make him some diabetic-friendly sweets (cookies, muffins, that kind of thing) for his birthday. I have taken a bunch of diabetic dessert cookbooks out of the library but most of them are full of eggs and dairy.

In a recipe that uses, say, Splenda to replace most of the sugar, can I just sub in egg replacers and soy milk, or is this likely to cause problems?

Thanks in advance for any tips or advice.

It's All Falling Apart

I've a question on why desserts such as cookies and cakes made from tried and true recipes should suddenly start failing. I've had cookies spread themselves right across the cookie sheet, having to be broken into pieces to get them off; cakes collapsing; and blondies falling to pieces as I attempt to wrap them. I'm trying to get cailin_t's vegan cookie swap items off to her, but the past couple of weeks have been absolute flop. I am utterly mystified. As far as I can tell, there's absolutely nothing different about these recipes, so I'm finding it baffling. Even more mysterious is the fact that all the savouries I make for my own meals are coming out perfectly well, so it's not simply that I'm screwing up all my culinary efforts, and the oven can't be acting up or I'd have noticed when baking pies. The only thing I can conceive of is the humidity, which has been brutal of late. Is it actually possible that this could have such a drastic impact on cookies and cakes? If so, any tips on how to counter this weird phenomenon will be gratefully received.