July 31st, 2005


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Anybody know the ingredients in the rain salad at the Chicago Diner? It wasn't in the cookbook I bought. I remember lots of alfalfa sprouts, shredded carrots, and sunflower seeds, but if there were any other "topping," I forget, and I don't know what greens were included. I'm also trying to remember what dressing I got the first time I ate there, since I ordered what I thought was the same thing every night after that, but it was never the same..

Nutritional Yeast as salad topping!

Ok, perhaps this is all horribly, painfully obvious to everyone in here, but i've just discovered a really tasty way to eat nutritional yeast that doesn't involve having to heat it up to death:

As a salad topping!

I made a great salad with:

- baby spinach
- cherry tomatoes (halved)
- flax seeds (whole)
- shredded carrot
- shredded red cabbage
- dressing made of herbs, oil and vinegar

Tossed that all up and then, over individually served bowls of the salad, i sprinkled a few teaspoons of nutritional yeast flakes over the top.


When mixed with the dressing, it turned everything really creamy and delish. I just wanted to share my dinner experience, in case there's anyone like me out there just trying out nutritional yeast for the first time ^__^!
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So. Does tempeh actually go bad? I just found two vacuum-sealed packages in the back of my fridge that have "sell-by" dates in April of this year. It's August. Am I okay? Or should I throw them out? They haven't been opened...

Quick broccoli salad ideas?

I checked the memories and couldn't find anything for this. My spouse picked up three large bunches of cheap broccoli today, so I thought it would be nice to make a broccoli salad with some of it. The only recipe I have is pasta-heavy and I'd like to avoid pasta (not that I generally avoid pasta -- I'd just like to have an all vegetable salad). Any ideas would be appreciated.