August 8th, 2005


baking troubles--not properly mixed?

I'm kind of frustrated because the last couple things I've baked have turned out kind of screwy. Texture, taste, etc have all been fine overall, everything has baked evenly and risen and been moist, but I keep running into little bits of stuff that are, uh, gross. I made corn muffins and brownies and in both cases bit into a little piece of something sour and disgusting that definitely shouldn't have been in there. When I looked at it, it was sort of hard and small, like a bit of dry ingredient that didn't get mixed in well, but I can't pinpoint what it was. Both recipes involved salt, unbleached wheat flour, (mostly blended) turbinado, and baking powder, and all from the same containers. I think I mixed the muffins with a handheld electric mixer and I did the brownies with a whisk, and everything looked more or less combined. There was a very small amount of dry ingredient that remained at the bottom of the bowl, but that never caused problems before. Can anyone figure out what's causing this? I've had to throw out perfectly yummy vegan muffins and brownies because of this problem and really hate doing that.

Mochi Question

I bought my first thing of Mochi recently. I am only one person, so I just cut off a few pieces and then put the rest in the refrigerator. I made some last night and this morning I realized that I left it out all night. I just put it back in the refrigerator. It didn't smell weird, but I was wondering if anyone had any experience with Mochi and how important refrigeration is.
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Tamarind soup

Warning: this is very sour (and moderately hot).

The combination of a strong and lasting craving for sour stuff in the past few days, and a jar of tamarind juice in the fridge, inspired me to look up tamarind soups and adapt a couple of Indian recipes I found on the Web.

I put in a pint-pot about 200ml of tamarind juice (see yesterday's entry) and made up to half a litre with water. Added a crushed clove of garlic, a chopped (and deseeded) fresh red chilli, some spinach stalks (because I had them lying around from last night's dinner) and a pinch of salt. Covered and boiled for about 5 minutes.

At this point I took out the spinach stalks and added a 1/2-inch cube of creamed coconut, about the same amount of palm sugar (brown sugar would work just as well), and a small handful of sweet potato noodles (any kind of noodles would do). Simmered for another 5 minutes, and ate.

Quite sour, but pleasant -- the coconut and sugar provided sweetness to round the sharpness of the tamarind.
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Tofu McMuffin Sandwiches, Home Fries, Sausage, and Fruit Salad

I have the best girlfriend ever!

Ellie made the best breakfast/brunch for us Saturday morning. She made Tofu McMuffin Sandwiches with vegan cheese, home fried potatoes and rosemary, fake sausage, and a fruit salad with an almond-tofu fruit-salad dressing. Awesome. Oh yeah, also that's orange juice, iced coffee with soymilk, and ice water. Best vegan breakfast ever!!!

I think the tofu was fried in oil with a little Bragg's and tumeric, maybe other spices. There's vegan margarine and veganaise on the vegan english muffins. I know the home fries have at least rosemary in them, maybe other spices. The fruit salad dressing has tofu, vanilla extract, almond extract, and maybe some sugar? Something else maybe? Fruits include green grapes, strawberries, blueberries, and peaches.


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dosai! ice cream pie!

dazee turned 40 on friday so we celebrated with homemade masala dosais and ice cream ganache pie!  i am really thrilled that the dosais came out so well...south indian cooking has always seemed so daunting to me.  i served the dosais with a cilantro chutney (cilantro, lemon juice, salt, green chili and plain soy yogurt), coconut chutney (fresh coconut pulverized with cilantro, salt, and a bit of water and seasoned with fried lentils), lakshmi brand mango chutney (no preservatives and all natural) and of course shpicy pickle.

the dosai recipe i used can be found here: though i made up my own potato masala filling...

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Sesame Tuno with Broccoli

I'd heard so many stories about canned Tuno (some loving the taste, some hating it). But, I'd also heard that frozen Tuno has a more pleasant taste and texture, but it can be difficult to find. One day I found it in a health food store in NYC, so naturally I grabbed (and paid for ;) a tube. My idea was to slice it into "steaks" but the tuno crumbled as I tried to slice it while it was stil frozen.

Even though it wasn't the texture that I wanted, it tasted incredible when seasoned and cooked! I nibbled on a small piece without any flavorings (and still partially frozen), and it did taste fishy. I never loved tuna fish, so I can't say if it was really close to tuna fish or not. But I would certainly buy another tube of frozen Tuno to make this recipe again:

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