August 10th, 2005

Soymilk longevity

Hey everyone. I always keep a nice supply of soymilk and other goodies at my dad's house so I have things to snack on (my dad is always willing to try vegan foods, which rocks). There was a major thunderstorm this past weekend that knocked the power out for a good eight hours. I had an unopened container of silk in there, and after opening it a few days later, couldn't tell if it was okay or not. So my question is, how long can silk last unrefrigerated? I know the fridge was somewhat cold the entire time, just not at a steady temp.

PSA on emes and duncan hines

Freezing yogurt.

I like to use yogurt in some of my baking, but the only soy yogurt I can buy comes in a really large container. If I were to freeze it, would it thaw normally so that I could bake with it a little at a time, or would it taste off/the texture be ruined/etc.? Thanks!

PS One time I put a container of soy pudding in the freezer to get really cold, because I thought it would be yummy, but I forgot about it. When it completely thawed out, it was chunky. Do you think the same thing would happen?