August 12th, 2005

On ur island

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Has anyone ever had an elephant ear? From what I recall it's a large, roundish, flat soft pastry with cinnamon, sugar, and nuts on it. I googled and all the recipes I found involved eggs and deep-frying. I haven't had one in years and years so I don't recall from the texture if frying would be absolutely necessary or what. And I rarely deep-fry, so I don't know if egg replacer would hold up in fried dough. Thoughts?

Also, how long do sweet potatoes stay good in the refrigerator? I bought a few a couple weeks back and they're hidden behind mounds of other crap right now so I haven't gotten around to checking and using them.


Okay, maybe it's me, but whenever I try to make porridge it ends up a disaster. I use those "quick oats," so hopefully they're alright, but whenever I try porridge it ends up a thick, tacky mass like congealed glue. What do you guys do to get smooth, creamy porridge that doesn't dry out and go sticky? What else do you stick on/in porridge to make it nicer? I love the idea, especially as it's snowing and freezing here at the moment and porridge is just such a nice warm mix. I just seem to suck at making it. The texture is just wrong - urgh!