August 13th, 2005


Canned Beans, 'the everyday vegan' book.

This morning i opened a can of soya beans and was going to cook something with them. But when i opened the can, what would usually be liquid aroudn the beans, was all.. gel looking. It wasn't liquidy at all and looked pretty gross.

Has this ever happened to anyone else?

Have the beans gone bad?

I couldnt find a use by date on the can, and they'd been in the cupboard for less than a year..

I didnt eat them anyway.

Also, has anyone ever made food from recipes out of a book called 'the everyday vegan'? My partner hired it from the library, and i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what recipes are good to try?

Butternut Squash Recipe and Menu Suggestion Help

So, I've become totally addicted to simple, pureed butternut squash. My only issue is figuring out what to accompany it. It's definitly a "side dish" (a meat-eater's term use to belittle vegetables, sorry) and I can't figure out what type of main dish to serve with it. I'm about to move in with two meat eaters who are a little wary of my diet, a problem I plan to solve by preemptively taking on the bulk of the cooking duties. I think they'll like this squash, but they'll need to have the menu arranged in a familiar manner, with a substantial main dish accompanying it. Any suggestions?

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