August 15th, 2005

no yeast pizza disgusting

Okay so I made this Collapse )

It was the worst fucking thing I've ever tasted. I honestly am telling you it tasted like what I would think acid would taste like. I couldn't get the taste of out my mouth. I had to waste the entire pizza. My two dogs wouldn't eat it either, they eat anything!!!!!!! So I wasted freaking a good lump of my Follow Your Heart Motz. Cheeze & pinapples and ssoymilk and everything else!! I made homemade pizza sauce, that was wasted on the freaking pizza! Seriously I'm dying to know what I did wrong. The only thing I didn't use were the sesame seeds.

Sorry for the rant. Has anyone else made this???

Take me now

New potatoes and kebabs

Hi! I was wondering if anyone here could help. I'm having people over for dinner on Friday and my best friend is vegan. We're having kebabs out on the grill, and he asked about having new potatoes on his. Do I need to parboil or prepare them in any certain way beforehand or will they cook completely while on the grill? I didn't want to overcook the peppers/mushrooms/onions while attempting to make certain that the potatoes were cooked fully.

Mushy Asian Pears

I bought some Asian pears from Krogers yesterday and they taste like normal pears. The middles however, are pretty mushy to the point where it's almost gross to eat them. So does anyone have a recipe that calls for mashed pears, or some kind of mashed fruit?