August 19th, 2005

ian curtis

other uses for botched soygurt?

After a very likely failed attempt at making soy yogurt, I am about to have 4 cups of warm soy milk. Googling gave me some advice, also letting me know that the milk is still usable for cooking and baking. I'd like to use as much of this milk as possible in one recipe but the most I see any recipes calling for soy milk is 1 1/4 cups. Do any of you know of a recipe that I could use to get rid of this stuff?

carrot black bean burritos

we just got a food processor last week......... i LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
we've been making all sorts of yummy things with far fresher ingredents than we used to (because of all the prep work)

so when we were making burritos... we didn't have any fake meat or anything.... so i had the crazy idea to make it with carrots. i know, i know..... it was suuuuper!

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