August 21st, 2005


Does anyone have a good recipe or ideas to make a nice avocado fruit drink? Some ppl have suggested using soymilk or coconut milk and sweet condensed milk(but i cant find any vegan kinds)- a tasty, simple recipe would be appreciated. (I'm hoping to get some different options, not just one style- if possible!)


Last time I'll ask, I swear!

I've asked this a couple of times sorry folks, but I want to finally get it straight. At the moment, I'm 45kg - I've lost a kilo and a half and that ain't good. I'm beginning to bruise around the hips and ribs again, because the bones literally poke through. Getting revoltingly skinny. I don't understand it, I haven't been particularly active lately and if I have, it's been hard physical work that should have helped. Plus I eat enough for about three people. I'm hoping to start up at gym to stack on muscle, and have to get that nuritional info straight, though vgnwtch suggested some great spots on bodybuilding to someone else earlier - Vegan, Vegan athlete and Vegan fitness among them. I checked the Vegan Society's nutrition pages for weight-gain, but couldn't seem to find much. I remember being told that nuts, avocado, rice, pasta, potatoes, pulses, and heavy foods like bread and stews put weight on, but couldn't find the post in the memories.
So the question is, and I swear it's the last time I'll ask, if you were to do everything possible as a vegan to put on weight and muscle, generally make yourself bigger and sturdier (including foods and how much/what/when to eat them, drinks, exercise, whatever) what could you do? I'm just about sick of being thin (and six kilos underweight at the moment) no matter what I do.

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