August 24th, 2005

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help with quick/frozen foods...

Please help me : )

I am a new mom who is about to go back to work. My son is 10 months and I teach high school.

Up until this point in my life, cooking has been what grounded me. I love to cook. After a hard day, it is wonderful to cook a yummy healthy meal and share it with my family.

But now, it is my son that grounds me. I still love to cook, but if I try to cook the elaborate meals I used too, I am up until 11pm doing dishes.

So I am trying to think about how to change my life. Healthy food in not a compromise. As my son starts eating more "grown up" food, we cannot live on boxes of chemical flavored rice or noodles. I *think* I want to find foods I can freeze so that I can cook some fresh vegetables every day and eat from the freezer. But I am drawing a blank...the only foods I can really think of that freeze well are dahl and lasagna. I have made three kinds of asian pasta sauces (Thai pesto, sesame, and peanut) that I froze in ice cube trays. I can cook a pot of noodles or rice with veggies and trow the ice cubes in. Any other ideas to help me?

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Soaking dried foods

I have a question about soaking dried foods such as bean curd sticks and dried mushrooms...

When I put them in a bowl and add water, they float to the top. Should I weigh them down with something light so that they are submerged? Do I need to stir them? Or will they rehydrate properly just left to float?

(I'm asking because I'm soaking some dried mushrooms right now, and I'm using a cereal bowl to keep them submerged, but I'm wondering if it's neccessary)

raspberry mousse filling?

i'm kind of the resident birthday cake baker where i work, and i always make vegan cakes! i make pretty good ones, so no one minds. :)

but a good friend's birthday is coming up, and i wanted to make an orange cake with raspberry mousse filling.

i have no clue how to go about making a vegan raspberry mousse filling. i want it to be more creamy, than just like raspberry perserves. anyone have any ideas? i also didn't want it to just be a buttercream frosting with raspberries in it - thats tooo sweet, and has a different texture than mousse type stuff. if possible, i was trying to avoid using soft tofu to whip a pudding type thing, but if thats the only way to go, i'll do it. (i've been a bit sensitive to soy lately, so i wanted to see if there were other options.)

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