August 29th, 2005

grill time

Does anyone own a George Foreman grill and use it? Is it fun/gets you cooking? What types of things can you cook up on it? As many of you know I hate cooking but lately want to try my hand at it. However my stove is not the greatest and I could wait years for it to be replaced via the apt. managers.
stella's kitty resistance

The Cakes of Summer

I've been really into baking and decorating cakes this summer. It's been the hottest, most humid summer I've experienced in a long time in the US, but for some reason I have baked. A lot.

My baking has suckered a lot of people who would not otherwise go for vegan baking to admit it is delicious. I think cake may actually be a really good veganizing tool. Sadly, fat is fat and sugar is sugar even if it is vegan so I'm going to lay off... soon. Promise. Just wanted to share some of my cakes of summer. I loaded them onto flickr as a set thinking I could pop them all into lj, but it seems I'd have to do them all individually, so if you'd like to see them all they are at: If you click here you'll see a bunch of thumbnail cake photos that you can click to see in larger sizes.

Here's one of my most sucessful--it's a lemon cake (dyed a light yellow with the natural food coloring set I got!!) with apricot jam in the middle of the layers and triple sec brushed over the sides (like a giant petit four) and then there's delicious lemon "butter"cream on top. The decorations are applemint leaves and flowers from my yard and lemon zest.

citrus cake

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