August 30th, 2005

  • timbrel

caramelly hot fudge ice cream sauce!

My mother's hot fudge sauce for ice cream is veganizable!

1/2 cup vegan sugar
1/4 cup soy milk
a little pinch of salt
about 1/4 tbsp marg.
1/2 tsp or so of cocoa

bring to a slow rolling boil on medium heat stirring occassionally.
cook until it begins to form a little sticky mass when dropped in cold water.
before removing from heat, add a bit of vanilla.
dump on vegan ice cream and eat it up!

* if you cook it until it forms a sticky mass, it will be chewy and caramelly, cook longer (until forming a firm ball) and it will be hard and cracky, less time and it will be thin sauce...
vegan cook_off
  • webtar


Do you know about vegan_cookoff?
If you don't then you should check out the community.

Each week a new ingredient is posted. Players will have until Sunday at midnight East Coast USA time (our info page has information on how to figure out the ending time where you live) to enter their own unique creation.
Entries must be the chef's own recipe (no previously published recipes please). Pictures and recipe must be posted as well as a description for the taste. Inspiration for the creation is also helpful.
Check out the info page for more information.

This week is a theme: Grilling. How appropriate for the up coming US holiday of Labor day, right?

We would love for you to join, participate in cooking as well as in voting. As skill levels are encouraged.
  • offish

Decadent melt-proof cookies

I am looking for a kind of decadent cookie that (here's the catch) will ship well across country. Chocalate chip or oatmeal cookies would of course work, but I'd rather make something with toffe and chocolate and icing and something else kinda crazy, I just don't want these to melt before they get to my friends. So any ideas?

sweet and sour tofu/

I am curious if anyone has a Sweet and Sour Tofu recipe?? I had some at my brother's school dining hall that I loved. The tofu was cooked perfectly, and had one of the bests tastes!
I'm not finding what I want in the memories, or at Can anyone help me? I was going to make it tonight, but then I realized I probably have none of the ingrediants I would need (except tofu, pinapple, peppers, and the regs like flour, vsugar, etc)

thank you:)


Cake Help

My friends birthdays are coming up pretty quick and I want to make some really fancy looking cakes, perhaps with more than one layer? I was thinking about making a sprite/coke cake from a duncan hines mix and using that for the base and making my own frosting. I will need three cakes, they will need to travel.

I know nothing about making cakes. Help?