September 2nd, 2005


Vegan kids

If any of you have vegan kids, or if you're just picky like a kid, I have to share a tip with you.

My daughter is almost 6, and is pretty picky about soy products (and everything else, actually). She hated soy yogurt until recently, when I started freezing it. I buy the six packs of Silk yogurt, shake them up to mix everything around, and stick them in the freezer overnight. I can even call them "dessert" and she's happy as can be about eating them. I also stick them in her school lunches and they're still partly frozen by lunch time and she likes that as well.

Just thought I'd share! Not a cooking tip, per se, but a preparation tip.
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My Healthy, Vegan Version of Eggplant Rollatini

This is a yummy dish when you want a change of pace from stuffed pasta shells (or if you're trying to reduce your carbohydrate intake). Make sure that you don't slice the eggplant too thin or the middle of the slices will become soggy and won't hold the filling. Serves 3-4 (depending on if this is used as a main or side dish).

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Collard Greens!!!

So i bought a big bag of fresh collard greens from HEB the other day, and i froze it. My mom used to make some awesome collard greens and i was trying hard to reproduce it (with success!!). Now, a lot of people get grossed out when i say that i like collard greens, but i really just think that they haven't had it prepared correctly.. or the tasty way, because collard greens soak up whatever flavor you put them in. Even my roomate Sarah(cherryxkissxx), was doubtful but enjoyed it!!!

Prepare about 2 cups of vegetable broth in a big pot over the stove, add a whole can of diced tomatoes (juice and everything). I used Diced tomatoes with garlic, because.. well, I love garlic. Then add as much collard greens as you can while still being covered with liquid. Then, i added more garlic, some basil and some salt and pepper. Be creative! Whatever seasonings/liquids/vegetables you like to add, add it! This is just the basis for any delicious collard green soup/stew.
Bring all of this to a boil, then reduce it to Low and let it simmer with the lid on (that's important, because if you leave the lid off all of the liquid will boil off) for an Hour and a Half.

Normally, my mom would serve this over rice.. but i didn't feel like cooking up some rice, and i wanted to add some more veggies to it. I diced up some potatoes and put them in there and let it simmer for about another 45 minutes.

Next time i want to try adding some fake meatballs or maybe some TVP. I recommend this to anyone who likes southern style food.
Let me know what creations you come up with, enjoy!

Chocolate peanut butter squares

I made the chocolate peanut butter squares from How It All Vegan. I guess there wasn't enough liquid because when I cut it, nothing stayed together in squares. There's a lot left, maybe around 4-6 cups.

I don't have the recipe on hand, but it was basically melting and boiling sugar and corn syrup (I used maple syrup) together, adding peanut butter, and then mixing that with 6 cups puffed rice cereal and 2 cups chocolate chips. Then push it into a pan and let it sit.

It still tastes really good, so what can I do with it now besides eating it out of the pan?