September 12th, 2005

On ur island

homemade tofu!

Using a sample packet of Laura soybeans, two packets of nigari, and the equipment that the nice SoyQuick people sent me, today I made a block of tofu.


Behind the cut is another one to give you a closer look at the texture...

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It was a lot of fun, actually. The block is in the freezer now so that it may be used to make yummy stirfry goodness for tonight's dinner. If the taste, consistency, etc are different from using storebought tofu, I'll update you on that. Yay tofu!

Blondie 'Pudding Cake'....?

Ok, I looked in the index, but didn't see quite what I'm looking for....

You know those 'chocolate pudding cakes'? Very easy to make -- you mix your batter and spoon it in a baking pan, then top it boiling liquid and bake? It creates a crusty, choco cake-ly top, with a gooey fudge pudding layer underneath. Well, I'm actually looking for a 'blondie' version of this -- might there such a thing? I'm picturing a more brown-sugar syrup-y (or caramel-y?) layer underneath, as opposed to the fudge, and a vanilla cakey top crust. I'm willing to try concocting my own, but I thought if anyone could happen to point me in the direction of a recipe, I'd start with that. Thanks!
China Girl

sweet potato candy and marzipan

Has anyone ever made or eaten sweet potato candy? I have an old Childcraft book that talks about celebrations and food in different cultures and they mentioned Mexican children (I think..) eating this stuff and it's stuck in my head for years, though only tonight did it occur to me to find a recipe. Perhaps if you added the cinnamon flavoring as mentioned, it might turn out tasting something a bit like pumpkin pie? Here is a recipe that results in a more bonbon-like candy and includes coconut, nuts, and dried fruit, and identifies it as originating in Southern US cuisine.

Also, have we discussed marzipan here yet? The memories don't seem to show anything. What are your favorite things to do with it? Dip it in chocolate, make cake decorations with it, etc? There was a recipe in Family Circle or some such thing a few years back for homemade marzipan; you started with canned almond paste and ended up with pretty flowers for your cake.