September 13th, 2005


Vegan Kids' Cookbook??

Might anybody here know of a good kid's cookbook that's exclusively vegan? I'm birthday shopping, and I'd love to find one that's specifically geared for kids (with clear instrustions, easy to follow recipes, kid-friendly graphics/wording, et al), that my soon-to-be 9 year old daughter could claim as all her own. Thanks!


I've checked the FAQ like a good community member, but to no avail.

Grocery shopping is starting the break the bank. Ouch. Anybody know any good
websites that have vegan/veg friendly food coupons on them that you can print
and redeem? I've tried googling it, but it seems that most of the coupons are
for products like soy milk makers, or for dog food, or are specific to NYC. I've
also tried to go to the obvious websites (turtle hill, etc etc), but they're
mostly coming up dry. I thought maybe there's a great resource that I'm just
totally out of the loop of.

  • isaan


I puchased a pack of mochi (mo'chee) because it looked interesting but I now need some recipes other than the veg mochi casserole on the back of the package. Any suggestions??

Coconut butter (brilliant or really dumb?)!

So. I was thinking. You know how fancy-schmancy beauty products have coconut butter/coco butter/whatever in their products? Would this be purchasable as a edible food product and if so, would it be comprable to real butter? I have very little interest in margarine anything and while I know there is stuff that is not awesome! about coconut products, I feel like I'd much rather use something that is less processed (plus I don't need to O.D. on soy either). I've seen coconut oil before and how it goes from liquid-->solid in a very small temperature range, but I was wondering if there was an exclusive coconut butter item out there.