September 15th, 2005


microwave soy bread

hi, i posted the other day in veganpeople about soy flour & uses for it. happily, i have found a use for it-- a quick & easy one at that.
here's what i tried:

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warning- i made this recipe myself, & it may require some editing for your personal use. also, don't trust this to be scrumptious.. it's merely my way of getting protein & using the soy flour i recently bought.

x-posted to veganpeople.

bread problem

i used Collapse ) the other day (i got it off of vegweb), and was pretty happy with the results, though i would have liked it a little sweeter. i'm scared of making bread, since it seems like such a science, but how can i make it sweeter? i figured just tossing in some turbinado would NOT be a good idea.

any suggestions?

i just made some homemade wheat bread, too. it came out a little stiffer than i would have liked, and i think in the future i would like to make it sweeter. i think i heard that sugar also softens the bread? i would like to know if anyone knows how to fix this situation as well.

vegan ketchup

has anyone ever made their own ketchup before?? i really like ketchup, but im trying to eat less stuff with high fructose corn syrup in it, so i figured this was the solution. but ive searched quite a bit, and havent been able to find a good recipe.
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Nondairy scalloped potatoes

I'd like to note that this was my first vegan cooking success! This is easy enough for beginners (as I can attest) and oh so tasty. It looks pretty healthy as well (I think, correct me if I'm wrong). It's from an old paperback book called The Complete Guide and Cookbook for Raising Your Child as a Vegetarian" by Michael and Nina Shandler.

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