September 19th, 2005


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hi! im studying abroad in italy right now and the measurements in recipes are throwing me off. i remember i had a link to a vegan website that had measurements in liters, et cetera. it had a black background and an orange logo that was a kind of cursive writing. the colors may be switched. it had vegan in the title. does anybody know what this is? can anybody suggest any other good websites with european measurements? are u.s. measuring cups hard to find in europe (i brought a cookbook without even thinking about needing these) also, if anybodys in florence, italy, say hi!
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I have a friend who was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Fortunetley, they detected it very early, so she's going to be fine. But after all the crazy procedures, she's not supposed to be consuming any iodine. So, she's going to be vegan with me (or at least dairy-wise D:)!

Does anyone here have any abundance of information on iodine in certain commonly-used foods, so I can avoid them? She said she read that soy would be a no-no, which sucks because all I have is soy margarine and I wanted to make cookies for her. Does anyone have any information on that?

I just want to make some iodine-free comfort food! Please help me :D!
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