September 23rd, 2005



So - my boss grows her own cucumbers, and they've gone beserk this year. Any ideas on what to do with bags of cucumbers?
(checked the memories; the salad and the tzatki ideas are good, but there's still a lot of cucumber left!)

ETA: Yay and thanks for all the ideas! Cucumber blowout here I come!
Memorial Day '03

Stewed peppers and crumbles

This is really just an empty pantry randomness that worked out fairly well. If one reduces the liquid somewhat or mixes rice directly into it to make a thicker product I think it might make a rather fun "Sloppy Joe" type sandwich as well. It serves 3 of me, with a side salad and the intent to eat a snack later. If it's all you are eating or you have a healthy appetite then count on closer to 2 doses.

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If I see "gelatin" in the ingredient sections of a product, should I always assume the gelatin's made from animals? Or in other words, if a manufacturer used an animal-free substitute, would they neccesarily specify it?

I tried searching this community's memories and Googling to find the answer but hopefully one of you guys can help me out :) There is something my boyfriend and I want to eat, but we don't really want to eat it if.. you know.

Thank you!