September 27th, 2005

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Chicago Diner cheesecake and liquor-tofu interactions

ANOTHER EDIT: Found a copy of the recipe here on one of PeTA's sites.

Mi madre (for whose birthday this is being made) likes amaretto and has expressed interest in an amaretto version of this before, which sounds hella good, and we've got a bottle of it. Does liquor have any weird interactions with tofu that might muck up the results? What flavors (nuts, sweeteners, spices) go well with amaretto? She's not too fond of cinnamon. Thanks!!

EDIT: ha-HA, it occurred to me to write to the author on the matter, and Collapse )

They must have changed it since this spring (my visits were in March and May), since it never tasted different to me when I made it at home. The glaze and the addition of Tofutti sound like a good idea. Would a combination of cream cheese, sour cream, and tofu give that nice tart cheesecakey flavor, since she advised omitting the lemon juice?

Refined-sugar-free chocolate chips//edamame

What is a good brand of chocolate chips that doesn't use refined sugar and doesn't have to be ordered online?

Also, I bought a package of edamame (just the beans, no shells) and they smell really really awful, like sewage. They also have a mild sewage flavor, too, unless I pour tons of salt on them. Did I just get a bad bag?
I've had edamame at sushi places, but they were unshelled, and tasted perfectly fine. Would I be better off just buying the frozen bags of unshelled beans?
AND, how do you cook yours? I've just been microwaving them with salt and putting them in my rice.

Thank you!!!
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Fresh Artichokes

I am not seeing what I need in the memories to answer this question, so here it is:
I just boiled/steamed two full artichokes. I want to make a dip for them. Normally I do some sort of veganise thing. I am wondering if I can take out the center leaves which are soft, blend those up with the normal assortment of ingredients (veganise, lemon, pepper, garlic powder, paprika...) and use that for a dipping sauce?
Is that how they normally make artichoke dip? Basically, I am unaware as to how to get the heart out of the artichoke and what to do with it?

Artichokes in the memories:

I blended all the soft stuff, heart, the soft leaves with veganise, lemon, garlic, pepper, paprika. It was good but a little chunky. I perfer the smoothness without it.
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im making these as i type- so good...
warning: this is way too easy and i am using canned/frozen fruits- feel free to let me know what its like if you do it with fresh (we just dont have good fruit here right now)
the result of too many leftovers

-1 package phyillo dough
-large can apple pie filling
-large can cherry pie filling
-about 8oz of thawed frozen blueberries
-oil or melted earth balance

heat oven to about 325 degrees.
unwrap phyillo, brush each layer youll be using with oil, fold each sheet in half widthwise (keep unused ones under a towel)
layer 2-3 of these oiled, folded sheets on one another
take a very large spoonful of one or more types of filling and put in on the center of the dough. fold each corner into the center, overlapping each other so that they will stay (if they come apart sprinkle a little water and cornstarch on the edges)
continue until youre out of fruit or dough
bake for 20 mins or so- until they turn golden brown (mine take forever so this is an estimate time... old oven)

glaze with powdered sugar mixed with your choice of milk sub and vanilla