October 8th, 2005

  • webtar

Rolling Icing/Frosting

I have been thinking about using that weird wedding cake frosting, but I don't really know what it is. It's thick and rolled out and then applied/molded to the cake. Does anyone have a recipe for such a thing or know anything about it? I did an internet search the other day but must have had the wrong key words.

pumpkin pie spice, subsitutions?

i'm about to embark on a pumpkin baking adventure/extravaganza, and bought everything i needed, except i forgot the pumpkin pie spice.

i have apple pie spice, will that work? or, does anyone know the spices in pumpkin pie spice? maybe i can just make it my self.

it is just raining way to hard to go out in the world again.

Breakfast alternatives

I find myself pretty hungry most mornings. However, I also like to sleep in, so im usually in a bit of a rush. Is there something filling I could make, which is as fast and simple to throw together as scrabbled eggs and toast? i seek variety--im not vegan, im just a veg who wants to be healthier. :)