October 9th, 2005

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Spicy Carrot Cake! (yet another question about egg replacers)

For my birthday this year, I've been planning on veganizing my favorite carrot cake recipe. I figured I'd just use applesauce for the eggs, and all would be well and good. However, the recipe calls for a whopping three eggs - not just one or two like I'd thought. So, I'm just wondering if having three applesauce "eggs" is really going to do the trick without having a disastrous effect on the texture, binding, or flavor of the cake.

Collapse ) is the recipe, if that helps - or, just in case anyone else wishes to make this cake in the future as well.

* I should also probably add that I do have a box of Ener-G in the cupboard, but am not too fond of using it. I must never mix it correctly, or something, because every time I've tried to use it as a replacer the baked good in question has not been a success. At all. I also don't have any flax or arrowroot on hand.. though I do have some silken tofu. Or, would the baking powder/baking soda/flour/water combo work? Clearly I am a bit more clueless than I'd thought.

And, finally, I did search the FAQ's before asking this question. Someone posted a great site a while ago about egg replacers (For Dummies? I think?) but I couldn't track down the ink, so if that person is still reading this, please please please post again. Thanks in advance for any help.. if it's a success, I'll post pictures! :)

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Recipe - Lemon Thyme Mushrooms

Here is an easy side dish I made this week.

1 package cremini mushrooms, sliced*
Thyme - fresh or dried
Olive Oil
1 tsp lemon zest

Saute all ingredients together.

*Cremini mushrooms are baby portabellas, so you can use portabellas too

Follow Your Heart cheese:

I moved, and the local Whole Foods carries Follow Your Heart cheese. After reading so many positive reviews, I was excited to finally try it myself.

I'm a little disappointed though. I guess I was expecting it to be more like non-vegan cheese. It had the texture of tofu, and I had problems getting it to melt after cutting it in small chunks and putting it in the microwave... has anyone else had similar problems, or did I just buy a bad block?


It's been one of those days when it's cold and grey, and I couldn't be bothered going outside, so instead I stayed in and experimented with veganising a traditional Scottish recipe for use on days like these when you want warm, sticks-to-your-ribs comfort food. To explain for anyone living outside of Scotland, stovies were originally the kind of thing people would make to use up the leftover meat and potatoes from their Sunday dinner, but now it's more the kind of food you would have at social gatherings when you want to feed something simple and filling to a lot of people. While this doesn't taste *exactly* like traditional stovies (because in that, one of the main flavours is dripping), it does look quite similar, and when my meat-eating flatmate tried some she was pleasantly surprised, although she can't figure out what the taste reminds her of.

Unfortunately, I don't have a camera, so can't provide a picture, but the recipe is Collapse )

Magic Bullet Blender

I just found out that my grandmother is getting me a Magic Bullet Blender for my birthday on the 24th (SUH-weet 16) and while I know that it's a blender and a chopper among other things, it still confuses me.
I won't have it for a couple weeks but I'd like to prepare myself for it with some recipes. This way I can try it out the night I get it and call my grandmother and tell her what a lovely person she is for buying it for me.