October 13th, 2005

pook and bert

Thai Lemongrass Coconut Soup

I'm sick *cough* and would like a quick Thai Lemongrass Coconut Soup recipe.  The fewer the ingredients, the better.  I looked in the memories but didn't see anything *simple* or exceedingly tasty looking. 

If anyone has a good Sambar (magical Indian lentil soup...) recipe too, I'd appreciate it.  (Whoops, forgot to check the memories for this one).

Thanks :)


cholesterol and other fun stuff

i KNOW questions about cholesterol have been asked before, but i couldn't find anything in the faq. i have a slightly complicated question. the thing is that my husband is transsexual. he gets injections of testosterone every two weeks. now his doctor says that his "bad" cholesterol is too high and his "good" is too low, and is considering to lower his dose of testosterone because of this. we would like to avoid that if possible, because the hormones are so important to him. so, my question is if there is someone on here who has similar problems, and if you have any tips on what to eat/what not to eat in order to try to bring the "good" up and the "bad" down before his next checkup in three months. all the info i can find online has either to do with taking meds and we don't want that, OR eliminating meat and dairy. he's been a vegan for a year and a vegetarian for a couple of years before that, and we eat pretty healthy (much vegetables, whole grains and tofu, meat substitutes no more than a couple of times a month), so i'm at a loss of what to do at this point.
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Duncan Hines disaster -- no longer vegan

I just called Pinnacle, the parent company of Duncan Hines, and what folks have been discussing in an earlier thread is already true. Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe cake mixes, formerly vegan and kosher, now contain dairy products.

I am devastated. Does anyone know of another cake mix that's vegan, or of a way to make a "yellow" cake from scratch?
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It's a blur

Shipping food

If I were to send a cheesecake to my friend, do you think i would have to get ice packs and everything else that goes with it? i know I will have to ship it "next day", but because there isnt eggs or milk in it to spoil, an dI dont think tofu will go bad that fast, i wonder if it is necessary?
Any food shipping experiences or tips?


i'm going apple picking tomorrow!! wheeeeee!!

what is the best way to store a lot of apples?? i usually keep them in a plastic bag, in the fridge.. but.. with a bunch, whats the best way? lay them out somehow? paper towels? bag? no bag?? plastic wrap?

And what are your favourite apple recipes??? i usually do a ton of baking after i go picking.

i love the type of apple pie that has a streusel top, instead of a top crust. but whenever i try to make the streusel, it either crumbles up like dust after baking, or is tooo solid like a rock. Anyone have a GOOD streusel recipe for this type of thing??

thank you!

EDIT to add: Does anyone have any good vegan apple dumpling recipes? I saw this advertised all over at the orchards. a whole apple baked in its own crust. looked, and smelled, so good.

i think i may try caramel apples, too. if i get up the courage (have had failed apple caramel experiments in the past.)
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