October 15th, 2005

herbs as primary ingredients?

it's that time of year- last chance for garden fresh anything.
I'm trying to finally make use of the ginourmous bounty of parsley, oregano, and chives I've got on my hands, and I've got to do it soon. I'm looking for great recipes that use these herbs as primary ingredients- preferably in huge quantities.
bonus points for things that keep well/can be frozen.
insofar on the parsley search I've found recipes for parsley pesto, parsley potatoes, and parsley spread. nothing so far on the chive/oregano front.
any suggestions?
bushwick bill

cooking in bulk so that it'll last

hi, all

i've just recently gotten into cooking. and i'm really enjoying it, but right now, with school and work and everything else, i'm exhausted.

problem is i have an incredibly fast metabolism, and i finish everything I make within 24 hours. i'd like to learn how to cook some basic recipes that'll last me a week. i know i could take any recipe and increase the portions, and then freeze it ... but most recipes still aren't "heavy" enough. I just plow through stirfrys, soups and most past dishes, for example. So, on top of bulk, i'm thinking of dishes that'll just slow my metabolism down, and stop me from needing to eat constantly.



strawberry cake?

okay. so i want to make cupcakes over fall break, and i recall at some point in my life having straw-berry flavored cake. as in a flavored box mix, versus a shortcake with real strawberries type thing.
i've found some recipes by googling strawberry cake. they all call for strawberry-flavored gelatin. with the recent emes fiasco, i am unsure what to use. other vegan flavored "jello"s, possibly?

if anyone has any idea what i'm talking about or has a recipe, that would be great.
i checked the memories about gelatin substitutes, but they're all very old posts.

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Easy breaded eggplant (non)parm

Tonight I made an AWESOME eggplant parm with Follow Your Heart mozzarella. My first attempt.

1 medium eggplant, sliced
1 large portabella cap, sliced
bread crumbs of your choice (i used italian seasoned)
soy milk
oil (for frying)
jar of marinara sauce (of your choosing)
pasta of your choice (i used spinach linguini)
Follow Your Heart Mozzarella "cheese" (optional, this was the first time i've used it)

preheat oven to 375 or so. pour about 1/4" of oil into frying pan, set to medium heat. slice eggplant into rounds. when oil is hot enough to fry, begin dipping eggplant rounds in soymilk, coating fully, then covering in bread crumbs. place breaded eggplant in oil. fry until brown, then remove and place in pan for baking. layer eggplant, then add sliced portabella. cover in sauce. place in oven. bake for about 25 minutes, or until sauce begins to bubble. while dish is baking, begin to cook your pasta, and also shred your fake cheese if you have any. when eggplant is done baking, add shredded "cheese" to the top, and broil for 5 minutes or so, or until "cheese" is brown. serve with pasta and bread.

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