October 16th, 2005


Thawing tofu and food safety blunders

I had a block of tofu in my freezer that was frozen solid. I took it out last night just before midnight, intending to stick it in the fridge before going to bed a few hours later. I forgot it and it stayed on the counter until early this afternoon. My kitchen isn't particularly warm, but I'm still wondering if it's safe to eat. I'd been meaning to use it in a recipe for dinner. :-(

Hedgehog recipes?

I wanna make vegan hedgehog. i keep seeing it for sale in cafes and bakeries, and now i realllly want some. i think its basically like a brownie, but its got white biscuit chunks all throughout it, but i can't say i've ever eaten it. Anyone got a good recipe recipe?

I imagine the hardest part of veganising a recipe would be finding vegan biscuits (that aren't made by arnotts or nestle or something gross like that, not that i recken they sell vegan bsicuits). Anyone know (aussie) vegan biscuit brands? (the only vegan sweet bisctuis in supermarkets i've seen are these really expensive wheat/gluten/dairy free coconut ones in the health section)

Or do you make your own to biscuits to use in the recipe? Whats you biscuit recipe?

If anyone could help i'd really appreciate it. =)
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Bastardized Spanakopita, Dragon Fruit, Agar-Agar Orange Treats, and Pumpkin Muffins

Collapse ) Edit: agar-agar can be frozen and thawed and taste fine. Frozen flavored agar reminds me of thoe jello popsicles.
Bastardized Spanakopita
Bastardized Spanakopita

Webly made it like this:
4 layers of phylo sheets brushed with olive oil. One layer of chopped spinach, pinenuts, garlic and other spices. 4 more layers of phylo sheets brushed with olive oil. one layer shredded tofu with spinach and spices. 6 layers of phylo brushed the same as the others.
Bake at 375F for a long time.
You can pour some veggie broth over it near the end if you want.
If I was to do this again I would make the tofu layer the bottom layer because it was so moist.
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new nondairy cream cheese?

I tried WholeSoy ice cream for the first time this weekend (best vegan ice cream out there, by far) and went to check the site a few minutes ago. It appears they also make a "cream-cheese style spread" that looks pretty interesting. As a cheesecake connoisseur, it's on the list to try. Tofutti's not bad, but it's not super cream-cheese-y, so to get the right tang to my cheesecakes I have to throw in some of their sour cream. The WholeSoy version is also somewhat lower in calories. So. Has anyone given this stuff a shot yet?