October 21st, 2005

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Chocolate chocolate chip cookie recipe?

Okay, so my husband, in his infinate kindness has screwed me (not in the good way, either)! I usually send cookies every once in a while to the guys at our cd manufacturer that we use for our record label to keep them in our good graces and to thank them for jobs well done. Well, this time, my husband promised one of the guys that I would send whatever his favorite cookie is, and it's chocolate chocolate chip, which I have no recipe for! Does anyone have a tried and true one? Otherwise, I'm sure I can adapt something, but if someone has one that they love, I'd love to try it out! I think I'll be keeping some of these for myself, as well! :)
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Flax seeds

I want to buy some flax seeds so I can try the flax seeds-as-egg-replacers thing,and to sprinkle on things, etc.
My dad does most of the shopping and says he's seen brown flax seeds, white flax seeds, and already-pulverized seeds. So which should I/he buy? The pre-pulverized ones would save the time and effort of pulverizing, but is there any disadvantage to them?

also: I looked in the memories section and couldn't find anything. :-/

apples and oats

I love the combination of apples and oats (especially for the fall!), but I can't really think of any combinations besides in baked apples, apple crisp or pie, or oatmeal with apples in it. What else can I do? Some kind of cookie or bar or cake......thanks! :)
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Italian hot chocolate

My Italian professor told us all about the joys of cioccolata densa today--the very thick hot chocolate that's more a dessert to eat with a spoon than a thin powdered drink like you find in the US. According to her, it's cooked four times to really thicken it up; the bar in Italy that boasts the densest stuff serves it in a cup with a spoon sticking straight up out of it. You're also supposed to put a little cream (in our case, probably Silk creamer) on top to add to the joy. I'm googling around for such a recipe right now, and have found things that involve cornstarch and the like--almost like pudding--but nothing that sounds super-authentic with the cook-four-times part. Suggestions?
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tahini cookies

I know I've seen cookie recipes (mainly for chocolate chip cookies) that contain tahini. I didn't find anything in the memories. What function could tahini serve, and how do the results taste? I'd imagine it would just lend a nutty flavor and some nutritional value, but does it do anything else? Have you had cookies like these?