October 26th, 2005


vegan goulash

my general method for making goulash is to brown crumbles, then add tomato paste, some onions and mushrooms, and then mix that with cooked noodles and a can of tomato soup, but i recently stopped eating high fructose corn syrup, which is a main ingredient in the tomato soup i use. does anyone have any ideas what i could use instead???

What to make ...

at work were having a potluck on haloween and everyone is bringing something... i wanted to make the maple cake but theres already someone bringing cake... any suggestions on something easy to make like the maple walnut cake? im supposed to bring in an idea by tomorrow and i forgot all about this one... lol, thanks so much everyone! :)
On ur island

sugar substituting and moisture

From what I understand, brown sugar and regular granulated sugar can be substituted on a 1:1 ratio in most recipes. If I run out of brown sugar and replace it with turbinado, do I need to do anything to make up for the moisture that would've been in the brown sugar?

storing batter before baking?

i'm doing a large amount of baking and cooking for an event on saturday, but i want to try to break up the work a bit.

so if i make cookie and cupcake batter tomorrow or friday, and stick it in the fridge, so i can just divide it and throw it in the oven saturday, will it work? will my cookies and cupcakes still be fresh and have good consistency? (if it makes a difference i plan on making chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin cutout cookie, and pumpkin cupcakes)