November 10th, 2005

Looking for vegan brands of thanksgiving ingredients

My mother is doing the thanksgiving shopping the day before I get into town, so I won't be there to check ingredients. She usually knows what is vegan, but I don't want to put pressure on her to check all of the ingredients and have her worry about making a mistake, or having to make multiple trips to the grocery store for getting the wrong things. I need concrete info on:

+ vegan dry bread stuffing mix (the kind that comes in a bag, full of dry bread cubes. plain, seasoned, any kind.)

+ vegan premade frozen pie crusts

That's all I can really think of that might be hard for her to find vegan on her own. She has a Whole Foods and a Wild Oats in Omaha where we're having thanksgiving, so 'specialty store only' brands won't be hard to find. THANK YOU!

Making Christmas cookies ahead of time?

Hey there. Even though Christmas is still quite a bit away, all the grocery stores in the area are trying to make me believe that I have to rush and get all my Christmas baking done. So, I was thinking about it and because I am a busy college student, I thought it might be a good idea to get some of the work out of the way when I have a spare moment. I want to make a large batch of cookie dough, separate it and add in a couple more ingredients for a variety of cookies, form and freeze it, so all I have to do is pop it in the oven come Christmas time. (Plus frozen cookie dough is so good!) I was hoping someone had an idea of a dough I could make with different add-ins. Something that works with chocolate chips, ideally, and really that's all I have right now. What other additions could I use?

Thanks a bunch!

updated me

pumpkin pie ?

ok, im planning on making pumpkin pie soon and i was wondering if anyone has ever had any luck making pumpkin pie using coconut milk as a replacement for evaporated milk. im thinking a large can of pumpkin, 13 oz can of coconut milk, about 4 eggs worth of ener-g powder and assorted spices should make 2 pies...

i dont have a blender so i cant use tofu in them, but if anyone has a recipe for pumpkin pie that wouldnt require mixing in a blender/food processor/mixer i would love to hear it.

also- can you freeze pumpkin pie or would it become nasty?

fast pizza crust?

all day today i was craving pizza and decided i would come home, find a pizza crust recipe and make some pizza

however, everything i found in the memories takes about an hour just for the crust, then you have to actually put junk on it and bake it. that's far too long.

does anyone have a pizza crust recipe that doesn't take a long time to be ready? i'm talking 30 min at the absolute max, but less equals better.

i have no allergies so i don't care if it's got yeast or not or anything long as it's vegan i don't care what's in it

(and by the way i gave up on trying to find a faster recipe and just ate cereal...lame)