November 11th, 2005

~giant stuffed mushroom~

1 portabello
2 slices of bread crumbled
1 scallion
3cloves of garlic
teaspoon salt, garlic powder,onion powder
tspn and 1/2 tsp of black pepper
fake bacon bits (or not if you dont like them)
tablespoon olive oil or garlic oil (i just love garlic)

preheat oven to 300
clean portabello take stem out. set portabello aside and dice up the stem. take
the diced up stem and put in a bowl with the crumbled bread and the rest of the
ingredients and mash together with your hands. drizzle half the oil on the top
of the portabello. take the filling and put it on the top of the portabello so
that it is mashed onto it then drizzle the top with the rest of the oil.
place mushroom on baking pan or tinfoil and put in oven.
it should be done in about 15 minutes.

half way through i like the turn the broiler on just to get the top crispy, but
it isnt needed.

it was really good and pretty filling. enjoy.

pumkin pie and crust qustions

ok, so after halloween we have a HUGE pot of cooked down pumkin innards, i want to make some pies, i am perfectly open to trying different recipies for each to see how they turn out etc. i've looked through the recipies and they all seem to say pie-crust as one single ingrediant, so my question is: do i make pie-crust from scratch? you know any brands of store bought crust that don't have ucky stuff like lard in them?

also, if nyou have a pumkin pie recipie you recomend w/ fresh cooked pumkin, and preferably w/o soymilk (i can't drink it, it give me stomach aches) but tofu is fine. thanks!

Loads and loads of sodium?

A friend recently switched to a veggie diet and had some problems with blood pressure, and her cardiologist told her that when she switched to a veggie diet, it dramatically reduced her salt intake, so she should salt pretty much everything she eats and come back in two weeks.

As counterintuitive as this recommendation sounds to me, I want to help her out.

So what are you favorite sodium-laden foods and meals?

(I already suggested to her that she make some recipes that involved lots of soy sauce.)

favourite dish?

Let's say you were stuck having to live somewhere secluded for a month and you could only eat one dish, what would it be? Please post the recipe as well if possible.

My choice would definitely be Pho! I am so addicted to Pho it's not even funny. That is seriously the only dish I would love to eat every day. There is luckily a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that has vegan Pho and that is the only thing I order there even though they have a bunch of other wonderful dishes, if you are in the Los Angeles area please go to One World Vegetarian in Covina, they are so good and need more business!

I need to try making it myself. For those not familiar with Pho, it is a delicious Vietnamese noodle soup where traditionally you are served a hot flavourful broth and then have the stuff that goes into the soup served on the side for you to drop in yourself. It usually comes with basil leaves, chopped peppers, rice noodles, bean sprouts, and thinly sliced raw meat that cooks in the broth. The vegan version has seitan instead of meat so it is already in the soup when you serve it, but you can still add the vegetables and noodles after t is served. It is seriously the best food ever and you can add whatever vegetables or "meat" you want. The one they serve at One World has tofu and veggie pork as well as seitan,

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almond milk - uses?

so i bought a container of vanilla almond milk last week, and it's too sweet to drink, or use in smoothies or cereal. i need to use it up before it goes bad but i'm not sure what to use it for. i'd really like to use it in something (baking?) that will cover up the nasty flavor, because i don't like almonds that much and the aftertaste (from all the sugar) is DISGUSTING. i don't want to end up with overly sweet cookies or cakes, though. help?

Baking for a cafe and yeast for quick bread lifestyles?

So! Uber exciting! I was semi-unofficially asked to bake vegan goodies out of my house for the little boho cafe up the street! I am peeing myself as we speak. I am trying to get together a repertoire of things to make to present them--right now I'm thinking a chocolate cake, brownies, these crazy oatmeal/raisin/carrot cookies, but what else should I make? I support a decadent vegan lifestyle, and I don't want to make things that are gross and mealy or made with stuff that's soooo expensive that when a vegan goes to this coffeehouse, they aren't like, 'Oh. The only thing I can eat is a six dollar itty bitty piece of chocolate cake' while their friends are chowing down on cheap huge mofo non-vegan brownies or something. So. Suggestions?

And two! Most cakes/other baked goods are essentially a variation on the theme of quick breads. What about yeast-leavened cakes, brownies, cookies, etc.? Anyone have any experience with these types of things?