November 13th, 2005

bushwick bill

tofu discovery

my friend's been cooking a lot with maple syrup lately. sooo we got together and put this together and it was AMAZING. and soooo easy.

okay. so freeze some firm tofu. then defrost it. then cut it up into irregular shaped pieces with scissors.

marinate in half lite teriyaki sauce, half grade 2 maple syrup.

fry on high heat (beware of spray), long enough that the tofu is a little bit tough, and the syrup has caramelized onto the tofu.

sooo good.

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Mustardy tofu scramble & slow cookin

Hi vegan cookers- I have a recipe and a question.

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Also, the other day I was looking for a coffee grinder at an evil "progressive & hip" big-box store that shall remain nameless and ended up getting a cheap, small slow cooker instead. It's very simple- just one setting, not even an on/off switch, you just plug it in to start/stop it. I looked up some recipes and decided to try lentils and cous cous yesterday. So I threw in some dried lentils, cous cous, plenty of water, some garlic, spices, and rasins, and left for work. To my dismay, I came home to the nasty smell of burnt cous cous.

I wanted to ask if anyone has any favorite slow cooker recipes, and more importantly, if anyone has any simple guidelines/rules/tips about slow cookers. What has worked for people and what hasn't? What about small slow cookers with just one setting?