November 14th, 2005

the wish


i'd like to incorporate cilantro into my diet semi-regularly as a gentle method of chelation (as advised by my practitioner of chinese medicine). i've always loved cilantro but aside from standard mexican dishes i don't use it very often in cooking. what are your favorite ways to use cilantro? stuff other than mexican would be great too, for some variety!

i've also cut out all soy products because of a sensitivity i have, as a trial for awhile... so that makes coming up with recipes even more challenging.

thanks in advance :)

Tempura Fried Vegetables.

This evening I had broccoli, mushroom's, sugar snap bean's, red pepper's dipped in Tempura Batter and fried. It was AMAZING. I used this but I assume any brand is just as good. There are instructions on the back. I warn you, The hot oil that you have to use spit's ALOT.  I would have taken pictures but I didn't think to.