November 16th, 2005


mozzarella cheese poll

i'm so sorry to be adding to the overabundance of cheese posts in this community, but i wanted a definitive answer to "what is the best vegan mozzarella cheese out there". besides, this approach is a little different.

[backstory] we went to this pizza place just outside of the grand canyon that touted a "pure vegan" pizza, and the cheeze was too cheezy, so i asked them what brand they use, and they replied "schreiber". after a quick web search and a night of gassiness/nausea, we determined the pizza we had just eaten wasn't vegan. so i'm going to contact them and let them know that their pizza isn't vegan, but i also want to provide them with alternatives so they can keep their "pure vegan" pizza on their menu.[/backstory]

i'm happy with follow your heart, but who knows, maybe there IS a better option out there than follow your heart. so i did a little digging and came up with the following. so if you can spend a little bit of your time and just do a quick vote, i (and the community i'm sure) would be ever appreciative. if you've never tried a particular brand, don't choose any numbers under it. only click in the fields of brands you've actually had and have an opinion of. i've made a little montage of the packaging to help you remember which is which. also if i've missed a brand, let me know, and what you think of it as well.

also, since cheeses vary within a single company, if you haven't tried the mozzarella from that particular company, don't vote for that company. (i've tried the cheddar veganrella and almost puked my brains out, but i haven't tried the mozzarella, so i have no place to give its mozzarella a 1, no matter how much i want to) thank you so much folksies!

p.s. if you voted for nutritional yeast sauce, if you can, please post the recipe or at least which cookbook it's in. (and of course keep it to mozzarellas or pizza place-suitable recipes)

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Bolitas de yuca con Puerro

Someone was asking about what to do with yucca, so here is my veganized yucca ball (with leeks) recipe from the Dominican Republic.

2 lbs. yucca
3 T margarine
1 egg replacer
nutritional yeast
1 c chopped leeks
1/2 c flour
oil for frying

Boil the yucca until it's soft. Then you mix it with the margarine. Add the egg, a couple scoops of nutritional yeast (it's replacing 1 c of cheese, so you can add whatever amount you want), and the leeks. Then you put flour on your hands and make balls from the dough (about a tablespoon). Roll the balls in flour. Refrigerate them for 30 minutes. Roll the balls in the flour again. Heat oil in a pan and fry the balls until they brown on the outside. Put them on a paper towel to absorb excess oil.

Sirvalas con su salsa preferida.

Wanted: German Potato Soup Recipe Help.

When my grandmother was still alive she made the most amazing potato soup. I wish to veganize it however, she was not a women who used recipes. I have asked my mother for help but she never learned the secret, so I come to you all for help.

I have found a SIMILAR recipe online here: recipe

However, my grandmother always used bologna, which is an easy item to substitute and she also made these interesting noodle-ish type dumpling things. I believe she used traditional noodle ingredients, flour, eggs, water and such but she then put it all into a flour sifter and sifted them into the pot.

I am afraid I will make a disaster of a soup without some reassurance and help. Do you think I could make those noodles vegan and still have the same effect?

I am definitely open to suggestions and ideas for herbs and spices and any other help you wonderful vegan cooks can provide.