November 18th, 2005

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follow your heart soy cheese

We recently found some Follow Your Heart soy cheese mozzarella at our health food store and decided to try it for the first time last week. We used a little chunk on veggie lasagna then put the rest in a ziploc bag in the fridge. Today it has this weird reddish scum on it and smells really funny. My first inclination is of course to pitch it, but since we'd never used this brand before... is this normal? Did we store it wrong? It was good and a little pricey so if we don't have to throw it out we'd like to know. Thank you.

favorite pecan pie recipe?

Last year I tried the pecan pie recipe from 'how it all vegan' and it didn't work out at all. So what I'm looking for this year is a simple pecan pie recipe- no chocolate or anything 'extra' to it. From looking at the non-vegan recipes I'm thinking if I use mashed banana as the egg replacer and brown sugar (they have some safe brown sugar at my organic market) I can figure out the recipe. I would like to avoid using tofu- it never quite works out in my baked goods.

Anyone got a favorite pecan pie recipe to share?

and yes, I checked the fabulously organized memories of this community
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Hash Browns!

I'm searching about for a good hash brown recipe. I'm looking for something to grill that has a mix of a least a few veggies (need to get more veg into my vegaphobe hubby!)

TIA to anyone who can help!

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