December 1st, 2005


Sugar cookies in a jar/Roll out sugar cookies

To make those cookies in a jar things where you have all the dry ingredients and attach a note saying "Add this and this and bake at this temperature for this long" you just whisk all the dry ingredients together and pour it in a jar, right?

That being said, this is a Christmas present for my Algebra teacher who has three small children and not a lot of time on her hands. I've never made roll out sugar cookies before and even though I've looked through the memories, what are your favorite recipes, either from the memories or not?

Thanks a bunch!
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Chocolate Truffles - Coconut milk?

I'm looking for a chocolate truffle recipe that does not use margarine, "cream cheese" (and products like that) or refined sugars.  I found Kittee's recipe in the memories and I'll certainly be trying it.  I'd like to find additional recipes to play around with, and was hoping for one that uses coconut milk and/or oil (although I'm open to other possibilities).  I'm sure I can play around and come up with something suitable, but time is limited and holidays are fast approaching and I'd like a good starting point.  Anybody have a recipe like this that they enjoy?