December 3rd, 2005


Anyone know what I can do with a can of Tuno? I made a Tuno salad the way I used to make a tuna salad.. but.. it was pretty gross. So, any tried-and-true suggestions would be great!

I really don't want to waste it, because it isn't sold anywhere around here and I just bought it on an impulse when visiting my sister.

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emergency cookie repair?

Does anyone know a way of fixing cookie dough that has too much "riser" in it?

As in, my dear friend (and very inexperienced baker) bought and used self-rising flour in her sugar cookie recipe, yet added baking soda and baking powder as the recipe called for. She came to me crying (we live in the same dorm) when her cookies turned out really puffy, burned on the bottom and a bit underbaked on the top.

We're also using a really tiny, crappy electric oven which may be contributing to the problem.

Any help in salvaging the ungodly amount of cookie dough she made would be most appreciated.


So I'm going to make Italian torrone nougat over holiday break, but seeing as I lucked out on an agave nectar discount and don't want to waste a crapload of it, I'm rethinking the recipe. Traditionally, the recipe is honey, stiff-beaten egg whites, almonds, flavoring, and wafer.

I know it's possible to mimic the egg whites with Ener-G or flaxseed goo, but seeing as that's pretty difficult and I don't want to waste all my agave nectar on a hit-or-miss recipe, I'm looking for new recipes. Ideally, it would be soft white nougat that includes honey and can accomodate having nuts folded into it, and doesn't require stiff-beaten egg replacer. I know Food Fight carries macadamia nut nougat right now, so it can be done, it just sounds a bit hard. Suggestions?