December 4th, 2005

  • vgnwtch

We Keep Eating Parkin, That's Why We Are So Brown

"Me and't wife and't family of three
Went to Royton by the sea
We watched folk-dancing and listened to't band
And then we went on Royton sands

And we kept eatin' parkin
We kept eatin' parkin
We kept eatin' parkin
That's why we are so brown!"
- from 'Royton Sands', trad. Lancashire song.

Parkin's a dense, moist cake involving the magical combination of Black Treacle (though some use Golden Syrup) and ginger. It's wildly popular in Cheshire, Yorkshire, and Lancashire in the winter, especially around Bonfire Night. Luckily, it's easy to find vegan recipes for it, so Collapse )

There are variations on the theme, and a thoughtful soul called Chris decided to put up 12 vegan versions on her website - gawd bless you, ma'am!
  • timbrel

What's your favourite cake recipe?

My husband's birthday is on wednesday and so I need to make a cake, but I thought I'd try something other than his standard-issue this year, and so I wonder: what's your absolute favourite recipe?

I've looked through the memories, and there's a tonne to chose from- so to narrow it down- what favourite would you recommend for a wintery december birthday?

Grain mill advice?

I'd like to stop dreaming and actually buy a grain mill. Anyone got advice on brands or things to watch for? I don't want a KitchenAid attachment because, well, I don't want to kick down another few hundred on a KitchenAid. I'm thinking electric over hand crank, but if anyone can convince me that I won't make myself miserable trying to hand-grind enough flour for a batch of bread, I'd love to hear it.

Lamb - Completeness - Gorecki

Tomato Con Queso Recipe Request

Do YOU have the uncheese cookbook? If so, you could make my day!

I was planning on making nachos tomorrow but just realized that my uncheese cookbook is in storage. If any of you have that cookbook, could you PLEASE post the TOMATO CON QUESO UNCHEESE recipe (page 76). I can't remember if that is the one I use or not .... but I remember the one I usually use contains some tomato paste at the end of the recipe, so I am guessing that is it.....

Mac & Cheese... 'american cheese' style.

I haven't quite crossed the line into veganism yet (only thing left is cheese, which I eat about once or twice a month). And, yesterday I had the most AMAZING mac & cheese (even though I was kindof sick afterwards... ergh) but the first thing I thought of is, "I NEED to be able to veganize this."
Yes, I already checked the memories, but I'm not sure if any of the recipes there are like the mac&cheese i'm referring to. This is the kind with the breadcrumbs on the top, its baked, and I think it'd made with american cheese, because its very white in color. I've had nutritional yeast mac before, and it did not taste anything like this one at all. So I was thinking... maybe cashews? I've heard of that kind...

So, umm, perhaps someone can just direct me as to which recipe to try out? and without nutrional yeast is possible, mostly 'cause I don't have any in the house right now.