December 11th, 2005

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Scone recipe from The Vegan Sourcebook

I'd like to make the "Spiced Date and Nut Scone" recipe from The Vegan Sourcebook. I photocopied it from the library ages ago, and I've just now realized that the second page got cut off-. So, only steps 1-3 in the recipe are complete...

Would anyone who has the book on hand be willing to transcribe steps 4-6 for me? Thanks so much in advance!

Edit: Entire recipe follows
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Miso Gravy?


Does anyone happen to know the recipe, or a recipe, for miso gravy, a la Dragon Bowl at the restaurant Fresh/Juice for Life (don't know how far reaching that restaurant is, but we have 'em here in T.O.)

Perhaps even straight from the Fresh Cookbook?

I will love you forever and allways if you do.

christmas cookies

hello. i was looking for a recipe for christmas nut thin cookies. they're the really thin cookies made with pecans or walnuts sooo yummy. i was searching for just a regular recipe to veganize myself and am having a hard time even with that sooo if anyone has any ideas about these cookies it would be fantastic. thank you!