December 14th, 2005


Vegan meringue?

Has anyone tried this:

Althaea officinalis - L.

Marsh Mallow

"The root is used as a vegetable ... and dried then ground into a powder, made into a paste and roasted to make the sweet 'marshmallow'. The root contains about 37% starch, 11% mucilage, 11% pectin[254]. The water left over from cooking any part of the plant can be used as an egg-white substitute in making meringues etc. The water from the root is the most effective, it is concentrated by boiling until it has a similar consistency to egg white."

Large breakfast potluck with teenage non-vegans

Friday morning my Film History class is having a breakfast to uh, review for our final exam and whatnot. We're all supposed to bring in food, so I'm looking for breakfast recipes that can be easily transported, will be okay for non-vegs, and that will feed about thirty people. Thirty hormonal ravenous teenagers.
I thought about muffins and scones, that sort of thing, but it seems that we've got quite a few muffin people on the list. A large fruit bowl was also considered, as was homemade chai tea, but I don't want to be the vegan who brings the fruit, right? Right!
So, ideas? I was thinking about doing a large dish of curried potatoes (because I like those for breakfast with scrambled tofu) but would that seem way too weird?

Please&Thank You!