December 26th, 2005


Biscuits 'n gravy

To insulate myself from the horrors of the family turducken (which is another story), I made vegan biscuits and gravy for Christmas dinner. Why biscuits and gravy? For Christmas? It's like this.

Biscuits and gravy are a very Southern dish, a favorite of carnivory, and the oppressively meaty atmosphere of this place has been getting to me. My brother and his wife used to work at a greasy spoon near Charleston, where the biscuits and gravy were apparently a feature. I wanted to show off a little, let the local carnivores know that being a vegetarian doesn't mean that I don't have good, heavy comfort foods.

The biscuits were made from this recipe. I had no flaxseed available and had to sub vegetable oil for the flaxseed oil, and I used carbonated water for the liquid in the hope of getting extra lift. They turned out reasonably well, if a little less puffy than would be hoped. I want to try Earth Balance buttery sticks for the fat next time, and I may substitute half the liquid with soy buttermilk for extra flavor.

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Everybody liked the gravy, and even the biscuits were well received. Success!

real simple french cherry crumble

I needed a quick and easy dish to take to my mother's for christmas, and found this simple dessert recipe on recipezaar. it's a french cherry crumble and is a whole lot less fancy than it sounds- I imagine you could throw this together if you're craving cherry pie but don't want to put forth a ton of effort with rolling out dough and making pretty lattice tops.

it can be thrown together in a pinch and satisfies a sweet tooth pretty well!

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On ur island

cake baking options

-If I want to make a cake that wouldn't be frosted on the sides, how would I keep them from browning? Line the pan with foil or parchment?

-You know those metallic-fabric strips that you put around the top of a baking pan to make the cake bake flat and even? What sort of fabric and other items are needed to make those? Are there other techniques for a flat cake top (besides cutting it; the layers of my cake will be thin enough as it is without having to slice them up)?

-What is your experience with silicone bakeware? I saw silicone cake pans the other day and they seemed like a nice, flexible, nonstick concept. How do they do in terms of browning and even-top baking as described above?