December 27th, 2005

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Using Tags

Just a friendly reminder to use tags when you post. It means that you'll find it much easier to search the community for recipes, ingredients, techniques, gadgets, product reviews, recommended websites and cookbooks, menu inspiration, and so on. It took me almost 2 hours this morning to make sure that every post on this page alone had tags (I haven't yet gone back further), so you can see that adding tags as you post also helps maintainers/moderators ensure that the community is more accessible and user-friendly. Thanks :)

[EDIT]: Clicking on the "admin" and "tags" tags either at the bottom of this entry or on the listing of the community's tags on the right-hand side of the page will take you to basic instructions on using tags.
2005 hoagie

vegan avocado ice cream

Disclaimer: I created this recipe based on my limited experience with savestheworld's ice cream maker, and have only made it once before. I just made it a second time, and tweaked a couple things. It seems to have turned out pretty well.

You need:

*4 ripe avocados
*1 lime, 1 lemon, or 1/2 lime and 1/2 lemon (so far i've only tried half-and-half)
*1.5 cups confectioner's sugar
*about 4 cups of plain soymilk, preferably fresh (that is, from a non-aseptic container)
*a blender and a decent ice cream maker!

Peel avocados and remove seeds. Toss in blender with juice squeezed from limes/lemons and sugar. Pour soymilk until you have a total of five cups of mix. Blender until very, very smooth (this shouldn't be too difficult). Chill mix in freezer for an hour to an hour and a half. Do whatever your ice cream maker tells you to do--for a Cuisinart, it takes about a half hour of making in the machine. Immediately pour into a container and freeze for a few hours. Enjoy.

flour? woes from a cooking newb

Ok so after much testing (read: cooking disasters) I'm starting to wonder if the flour that I'm using is causing all of my baked goods to be sooOOoo heavy. Frankly, I get a stomach ache everytime after I eat cookies and desserts and breads I've made - the one thing I've found that they all have in common is flour. I've been avoiding white flour like the plague and on a friend's recommendation I've been using King Arthur Flour - white whole wheat. I was tired of everything being as heavy as bricks so tonight I cut the latest batch with 1/3 whole grain pastry flour (arrowhead mills). This only caused misfortune to my cookies however.. I can't tell if they're 'lighter' or not, but they've puffed up so terribly and the texture has entirely changed. Next time I try to veganize/healthify a recipe I'll definitely come here first!

Anyway, what do you all use for flour? There was one post about this in the FAQ but alas, I didn't quite grok what they were talking about.

I was going to bake my family cookies for the holidays! Arg.