December 28th, 2005

Dashi / Bonito Flake substitutes

Hi all. I checked the memories but didn't find anything on this yet, so here goes.

I'm just getting starting in Japanese cooking and damn near everything in my cookbooks calls for dashi stock and/or bonito flakes. What are some common substitutes out there? Is there a good, vegan, instant dashi? Also, any suggestions on substitutes for raw egg yolk?

You people rock. Sorry if this is covered ground, but thanks a ton!
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So, my mom just got back from Bali and brought me a TON of saffron. It's not the good saffron threads, but like the flowery part and lots of little orange bits. Any ideas?
Oh, and I can't have rice, so that's out...

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cooking with sweet potatoes!

Hey guys!! I am preparing for a VEGAN FEAST TOMORROW! A bunch of friends are coming over and I am cooking and baking up all kinds of wonderfulness. Don't worry, pictures will be up tomorrow or Friday!

So, I am making mashed sweet sweet potatoes. After peeling and cutting up about 5 pounds worth, I noticed that there were these white secretions coming out of the potatoe. I then noticed, after completion of cutting everything up, my hand was orangish brown and extremely sticky. I tried washing it off with soap and water a couple times, but my hand is still sticky!! What gives? How can I get the stickyness off? Suggestions?