December 31st, 2005

simple yet yummy warm drink

It is cold out! Storms are all over N.CA where I am and I need to stay warm and the coffee boost is nice! I shared this recipe with some homies yesterday and they liked it. Who needs 1,000+ calories StarBuck's drinks when you can have something at home that has as many calories as a stick of gum! :)

Choco-chai coffee drink
1 cup of medium - strong coffee
2 - 4 (adjust for your taste) tablespoons of chocolate soy milk (I like vitasoy)
1 chai tea bag (I use yogi black chai)

Make coffee, place tea bag in cup, let seep for 4 minutes, add soy milk and stir. If you have vegan whip topping add it, I like my stuff strong and dark though!

Quick Pasta!

I'm sure some of you all have had the experience of taking a recipe you
remember from your childhood, making it and being really pleased with
the results.

Well, I just wanted to share that happened to me tonight with my mom's
"Quick Pasta" recipe. When I was young my mom had her hands full with
three children who were ALWAYS hungry and too prevent ear damage from so
many "When's dinner" questions she would throw this together for us as
least once a week. Mama's hints are in italics

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