January 2nd, 2006

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dehydrator recipes

We just got a food dehydrator for Xmas, and it has some great recipes for drying fruit in the instruction manual, and a section on drying meat (yuck). But we were wondering if you could marinade some tofu and achieve the same effect as jerquee. I checked the memories but couldn't find anything. Thanks in advance.

by the way, archer farms (generic target brand) pico de gallo chips taste just like doritos, but vegan.

portabella mushrooms with a thick basalmic sauce


Coat portabella's with EVOO. Roast them under 400 degrees for 30 minutes, or until very soft & tender.

Cut into slices.


Put however much garlic inside of 1.5T of oil, saute for a minute. Add 2.5T of Basalmic vinegar, bring to a boil until it thickens/emulsifies (usually 2-3 minutes).

-Finishing touches-

Toss mushroom slices with sauce.

Top with (my choices) lemon pepper, salt, and fresh parsley.


tempeh bacon!

so this morning I woke up from a dream about food

and in the dream I was making these little apetizer thingies where I was slicing cherry tomatoes in half, scooping out their insides, putting pureed avacado (with some garlic salt, but no salsaey stuff) into the hole, and then topping with crisped tempeh bacon.

and it sounds really good to me, and I'm sure that if I do end up making it, it wont be for a long ass time. so hopefully my dream will be of use to someone.

Mandoline advice?

I'm looking to buy a mandoline, but I have no idea what kind to get. I used my parents' Good Grips one over Christmas and liked it ok, but I'm guessing I could do better. I'd like to get a good one but don't need top of the line, so I'm thinking of spending $50-$100. My main requirements are a sturdy, easy-to-clean design; nice sharp blades; and plenty of slicing options (adjustable thickness, different shreds and julienne cuts, etc.)

Duran Duran - Rio - The Chauffeur

mexican tomato lime soup

on a trip to cancun, he had a lime soup that he'd like me to have a go at. I looked up "mexican lime soup" after discovering that he didn't remember any of the ingredients but lime (making the job of finding it seem most pleasant, although my first thought was to come here since so many of you are wonderful with even the vaguest of descriptions- I love this place!) and found a recipe which he thinks is similar (thanks, zaar!). the only difference is that the soup he had included avocado, so I bought a couple and will throw those in also. it sounds delicious- I'm making it tonight.

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