January 3rd, 2006

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Cookbook Considerations

I'm considering buying Simple Treats and the Chicago Diner Cookbook. I was just wondering if anyone would reccomend these? I want at least 75% good/normal-ish recipes and non-expensive/weird ingredients. Would these be good choices?

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Sprouting questions.

I just purchaced a set of sprouting screens at my co-op, and want some ideas of good grains to try. I've started some lentils as a first batch. Grains I have on hand are quinoa, lentils, barley, beans (navy and black), and flax seed. I'm especially interested in sprouting the flax, but what I've Googled has not been helpful. I'm looking for safety concerns I should know about, what the best grains to use are, and any other tips or ideas you might have. Thanks!
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Food Porn

I have a lot of vegan cookbooks. Most are okay but I consider this this one, La Dolce Vegan, to be a staple in any vegan household (apt..whatever) so go buy it or atleast nag someone to buy it for you.

Now my one complaint about it and many of my cookbooks is that their is no breakdown of calories, fat, carbs, and protein. I have added a very loose breakdown of calories and serving size for those who are interested. But seriously, when will someone get on the ball with this? Probably the same person who mass produce and markets a tofu presser I'm sure.

Sidenote: If some of the food looks green, well...it is. I don't like storing vegetables in the crisper because they never stays crisp! So the recipes which calls for any greens, I added more than what it calls for. :)

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botas negras.

texture of fried tofu, minus frying?

so. quick question.
i love the texture of fried tofu (i.e. ma po tofu from p.f. chang's) but am working on avoiding most fried foods.
does grilling or broiling or someotherthing give the same or a similar effect?

i never liked the texture of tofu until i tried it fried. but i'm not sure i've ever had frozen-and-then-thawed tofu either.

any help would be great, and i went through the tofu memories.